The real Visionary is magically adept in crafting and planning the future!!! The World will always be in an extreme paucity of another Steve Jobs!!! (Part-II)

Hi folks…so far, in my last post, which was the Part-1 of this series on Steve Jobs, I have discussed the impact of Steve’s ideology on the internal and external factors of a business environment

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Being a visionary is a must when it comes to envisioning the caliber of one’s Passion!!! The World will always be in an extreme paucity of another Steve Jobs!!! (Part-I)

sjobs@Apple.com, this e-mail Id has been known across most of the digital world entities across the world. Steve Jobs official Id was the one most sought after for consultation, reference, serendipitous achievements, and everything else

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Passion for saving the environment-The 3 R’s: How we all can contribute something really valuable to our forthcoming generations!!!

Hi All..this article is more of advice from my side, urging you to develop a passion that can be a savior for our futures. {The given article was already published by me in a competitive

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‘No matter what or who you were in the past, looking ahead and striving for the future might actually phase it into an unimaginable glory: The incredible tale of America’s Media magnate, ‘Oprah Winfrey’

“The most eccentric feature of the extraordinary achievers is their ability to leave their yesterday behind, completely, and then working towards shaping the tomorrow!!!” (Shantanu T) Hi readers, it’s good to come back and talk

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