“Tackling the Contagion Prudently: How Being ‘UNSOCIABLY CONNECTED’ Can Ebb The Spurt Of Viral Infections?”

Important: I am not writing this post to advise any medical cues as agencies like WHO have already given apposite information on the same on their website. This blog post tends to advise some simple yet prudent interpersonal practices that can curb the contagion by restricting contact.

Today, the world tackling another deadly pandemic and this time the threat is rising exponentially as we speak. The rapidly spurting threat of COVID 19 virus doesn’t need any further introduction to the world and the rising global toll of the infected and the diseased is quite a matter of concern for even the most developed nations. As stated above, I am not writing this blog to advise any medical measures but a few changes in the regular interpersonal measures that can not only save us from the contagion but can also put a check on the spread of such fatal viral infections.

‘UNSOCIABLY CONNECTED’- What is about exactly?

Being unsocial refers to a situation in which one prefers to refrain from the usual social code of conduct that involves group interaction or contact such as regular greetings, meeting with friends, partying, visiting places, etc. So, if people start being unsocial, specifically in current times of the pandemic, the contagion would be automatically restrained from spurting so fast!!!

But how and why should we be unsocial to our close ones, especially in such dire times?

Well, the answer to this question is no!!! We have to be connected to our close ones in such troubled times but his connection has to be unsocial in itself or if stated in simple terms, a carefully distanced connection. Thus, the notion of being ‘unsociably connected’ comes into prominence as it serves the dual purpose of keeping the contagion away and being connected to your loved ones.

So, how it works?

Technology serves a great deal when it comes to deploying strategies for being ‘UNSOCIABLY CONNECTED’. Here are a few ways in which this can be done:

Social media/digital interactions– Using social media platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok can really do the job as you can be connected on a real-time basis while keeping a safe distance.

Video conferencing tools– Professional setup have to be more formal when it comes to communication, so using v-con tools can make it easier.

Usual phone calls with the audio conferencing facility– Conferencing the phone calls can make it easier for all family members to interact commonly and be informed of each other’s well-being.

Wireless communication channels/networking /virtual world– This option is for more tech-savvy people but developing such communication mediums can also be extremely fruitful in current times.

Concluding, I would suggest that we should try to embed the notion of being ‘UNSOCIABLY CONNECTED’ in our routine lifestyles, even after the Corona pandemic ends completely. As there are more clinical and medical complications rising every day, most of them are contagious and can be curbed if proper precautions and social distancing are maintained. After all, prevention is always more preferable and prudent than the cure!!!

So, stay healthy, stay cautious, and stay ‘UNSOCIABLY CONNECTED’ till we fight it through.

And do read, review, comment, and share this blog post ahead as it may serve to the well-being of many in need!!!

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